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The Oregon Dunes Restoration Collaborative volunteers are taking some time off from work parties for the holidays. We had 31 work parties in 2019. Thanks to everyone who volunteered!!!

Starting in the new year, we will be watching the weather forecasts. If there is a good forecast, we will try to put a work party together. If you would like to volunteer, and especially with the short notice, it is best if you are on our volunteer mailing list. You can sign up by going to www.saveoregondunes.org/volunteer.

In January and February as weather permits, we will be focusing on gorse populations in the Florence area and Scotch broom at recreation sites in the North Bend area. Starting in March, we will begin our regularly-scheduled work party dates. Stay tuned to this website or our Facebook page, Save the Oregon Dunes, for those dates.

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered in 2019! A lot of great work was accomplished!!!